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Set Messages Status to Current Rdio Track

screenshot of messages status

Semi-recently I switched to Rdio from Spotify and in doing so I was forced to revisit my iChat-Spotify-AppleScript post.  I have adapted the script to work with Rdio and have also made a few updates.  For one, iChat is now Messages and, of course, Spotify is now Rdio.  I also made some changes that makes the script check if Rdio is ready before attempting to retrieve the track info.

Rdio has basic AppleScript support, but I am hoping that Rdio adds short URL support for AppleScript, but for now we'll have to survive with the long version.

You can find the AppleScript I wrote on GitHub.

To run the script I am using the workflow feature of the latest version of Alfred. When I invoke Alfred, I type the keyword "status" and it launches my script.