VSTS deployment with multiple projects in a solution

If you have multiple projects in a solution and want to specify the project to deploy, simply name it! By default, in your build definition, the »

OS X 10.11 Keychain - Can't Click Allow

After upgrading to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, I noticed that when the Keychain would ask for permission I would be unable to click "Allow. »

IIS - Rewrite Subdomain To Corresponding Subdirectory

At work we have a website setup to showcase some of our work. We only ever send people directly to a specific example and the method »

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Parse, PHP, and cURL on Windows Azure

I was recently trying to use Parse's PHP SDK and was running into some issues when I deployed the project to Azure. Whenever I would attempt »

C# - String to Title Case

I was recently given a bunch of data to import where the names of businesses where all capitalized and I needed to store them in title »

Simple forms authentication for Azure Websites

I needed a way to password-protect a staged version of a project I was working on that was up on azure websites. Normally I would use »