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Custom Screen Saver for Kindle

I recently found out that there were "jailbreaking" tools for the Kindle which allow you to apply a number of different hacks.  The one that I found most appealing was the ability to add your own screen savers.  Having jailbroken my iPhones before, I was expecting it to be an involved process, but it extremely simple.  Jason Fitzpatrick over at How-To Geek wrote a great article that lists all of the steps necessary to get your custom screen savers on your Kindle.

As you can see I have the Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard).  I am currently running 3.3 software and the jailbreak files Fitzpatrick link to didn't work for my Kindle.  Instead I used the files linked to on Yifan Yu's website.  The screen saver hack files in Fitzpatrick's article worked great, so you can use those ones.


How-To Geek: Jailbreak Your Kindle for Dead Simple Screensaver Customization