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Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

screen shot of ie 6 countdown webpageIE6 Countdown

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has played a large part in the Internet community for some time now.  For a long time it has and still is the most used browser in the world, this is part caused by the fact the it comes installed by default on Windows machines, which is the most popular computing platform.  That being said, Internet Explorer is the bain of every web designer’s existence.  When building a website, a designer has to almost always apply individual hacks for each major version of Internet Explorer just so the website will show up as designed, yet in modern browsers like Firefox, Google Chome, Safar, and Opera no extra steps or code is required to make a website work.  I am excited that Microsoft is heading up an effort to kill off IE 6, but what I’m hoping is that this might be a move towards Microsoft creating a browser that follows web standards and the days of IE hacks are at an end.  Crossing my fingers!

Source: King Luddite